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Timberline Kennel provides happy, healthy, sound, well socialized puppies. We take great pride in our breeding program. Our goal is to improve the breed. We breed for the total package: structure, conformation, intelligence, stamina, temperament, and beauty. All our dogs were hand-picked and raised from puppies to ensure they are truly what we desire in the breed. Timberline is a generational kennel meaning we have had up to and more than 30 generations of our dogs. We do add a few outside lines in from time to time, but they must pass rigorous test to be able to be a part of the Timberline legacy. All Timberline Aussies are AKC registered Australian Shepherds, we just have all sizes Small, Medium, and Large but regardless they are all AKC DNA verified Australian Shepherds. What does this mean? It means there have been no other breeds brought in to size these dogs down or up and they are 100% Aussie. We have them from 10” to 20” and everywhere in the middle. Timberline Kennel is a registered kennel with AKC and was the 1st Australian Shepherd Kennel accepted into the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program..

Timberline follows a very strict medical policy on all our puppies and adults. Unlike many breeders we have a full-time vet that checks our babies from the time they are born until the time they leave, every single week. All Timberline adults have had eyes checked and hips x-rayed prior to breeding. Also, genetic testing folks, we put what each of our puppies are clear for in every contract. This screening policy gives us peace of mind that our breeding stock is sound. We only want to produce great puppies that are sound in every way.

Whether you purchase a puppy from Timberline Kennel, Or another kennel, etc... be sure to insist that it comes with a written contract. Timberline wants our quality puppies to go to loving homes, where they will be lifelong companions to work, play, be a total buddy and loyal family members. We have our beloved Aussies in all 50 States and over 28 different countries. Our dogs have done and do all venues from Conformation Showing to Performance Events, Therapy to SAR, Law and Drug Detection, complete Alert and Service dogs for special need children and adults and let us not forget what they were originally bred to do Herding and then of course Beloved Family Pets and Companions. Timberline Kennel is also fully inspected by USDA, MO Dept of Ag, and AKC. From all of us at Timberline we do ask that you do the research on any breed of puppy you may be interested in. Make sure it is the type of dog that will fit into your lifestyle, living accommodations, and family. We have dedicated our lives to these beautiful animals and only want the best homes possible for them. 

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